We provide a large variety of inlay materials in full sheets of Abalam as well as a wide selection of abalone and MOP shell strips in straight and curved

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Bill Collings, along with his small shop of bench-style builders in Austin, Texas, is, without a doubt, creating some of the best guitars and mandolins being

Wood inlay bandings for furniture, guitars and crafts.

by Sean J. Barry. This is a three-part discussion about the practice of stringed instrument inlay. Part I covers the principal materials and tools, Part II covers

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Custom inlay and guitar inlay for a family heirloom our industry leading team will provide you a top product. Except nothing less than the best!

We produce Hand Carved Custom Pistol Grips and Carvings,Metal Carving as well. We do alot of gift guns for the police & military to include inlays of badges,unit

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Inlay covers a range of techniques in sculpture and the decorative for inserting pieces of contrasting, often coloured materials into depressions in a base object to

I am always cutting ebony and holly in all sizes. If you do not find what you are looking for here and need other sizes of holly or ebony, or a large quantity, please

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Although marquetry is a technique separate from inlay, English marquetry-makers were called “inlayers” throughout the 18th century. In Paris, before 1789, makers of

Please select one of the pages below: Ebony Fretboard Blanks Rosewood Fretboard Blanks. Other Wood Fretboard Blanks; Our fretboard page has grown so large over the

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